Market Lift

We have invested a lot of resources (Time, Money) into our brand. It carries a lot of weight and is important to us. Why would we want to dilute our online presence with a new or different domain?

Brands are critical to success, Market Lift understands that. Your brand is your primary connection to your customers, vendors and employees and can translate just as well online as it does offline. Your primary efforts should be to continue to build that brand online. Only in extreme cases would it be necessary to move away from something with all that built up value.

That being said, the beauty of online marketing is it's flexibility and power. A keyword domain name can communicate location, niche, services and tagelines without the need for a learning process for potential customers. It provides search engine and ecommerce advantages while allowing for timely introductions of new or unique products/services your current audience may not be aware of. A domain such as provides a lot of information without having to do much explaining. By forwarding or serving up your own brand on that domain, you extend your organizations reach and keep that online market space out of the hands of competitors.

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How are you taking advantage of your current association memberships? What is their value?

Association relationships are hidden jewels of opportunity that many organizations let stagnate. Most are aware of the tradeshows and membership directories associations provide but the real value is in the potential relationships and business building partnerships they contain.

The beauty of associations are that they put like-minded organizations who share and industry or marketplace. Under the umbrella of your association memberships, you are able to use social media and public relations (and other marketing platforms) to incorporate their news and information directly into your own and stretch both of your efforts to a wider and richer audience. This strategic sharing of information and resources allows for enhancement of all levels of relationships, from introductions to full-blown sharing of business contracts.

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Facebook, Twitter, You Tube. These all seem to be a waste time. How can these really help our organization become more competitive and profitable?

No matter where you look, social media is popping up and grabbing more and more attention inside and outside of the office. It would be fool hardy to dismiss these technologies as time killers and productivity drains. Roles such as Customer Service, Sales and Promotions, and HR are finding applications that shorten their cycles and provide a more direct touch with their constituents. Proper training and establishing strict usage guidelines allow you to take advantage of these tools and keep on top of what is happening in your marketplace instantly.

Market Lift can help your organization get a handle on social media and harness it's power to improve how your company operates.

We don't have any money for marketing. Besides, we get all our business through word-of-mouth or our current customers.

Believe it or not, you are probably doing a lot more marketing now than you think. Your sales pitch, telephone messages, and even letterhead and branded polo shirts are marketing tools that can play an important role in positioning and communicating messages to your customer base. Taking a full inventory of all your marketing materials, with the help of a professional firm such as Market Lift, will allow your business to identify messages that are inconsistent and incomplete. Many times these corrections can have a big impact on your company at minimal costs.

Don't forget. Time and situations change constantly. New hires, website issues, product/service launches and something as simple as a new office location will require notifications and marketing. Take the time to sit down with a marketing professional and map out a plan and potential projects so you are prepared when opportunities arise.