Market Lift

Services Overview


Market Lift provides all levels of consulting marketing services designed to improve bottom lines and drive results, from top line evaluations of current marketing efforts to creative brainstorming and product launch strategies.

Brand Identity

The most visable marketing tool organizations use is the names that are used for their companies, products and services. There are many challenges to finding the right name for your brand. We specialize in identifying, brokering and acquiring online identities(domain names) and walking our clients through the process so that they can best take advantage of all the opportunities these brands can provide.

Contract Management

Market List provides an experienced marketing professional to assisit in hiring outside marketing firms, putting together RFPs, brand and company pricing/ purchase agreements, and website design initiatives. We have decades of experience managing and creating effective contracts, designed to achieve the goals those programs have set.

Temporary/Special Assignments

Sometimes needs arise in marketing departments but companies don't want to expand headcount or are looking for a chance to work through a sudden spike in projects. Tradeshows, product launches, contract promotions or new company-wide initiatives all need support that may not be needed when those projects are completed. Market Lit is here to help.


We use multiple tools to provide datasets managers and executives use to make informed strategic decisions. These include: Customer and employee surveys, online advertising evaluations, search engine placement efforts.

Presentations & Training

At Market Lift, we help develop effective sales and vendor presentations and support materials. We also provide training and information on a wide range of marketing subects such as advertising, SEO, ecommerce, market trends, and social media. We share insight and information your company can use to establish winning strategies in these areas.